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Now Representing - Emily Quinn

Now Representing - Emily Quinn

Emily Quinn is a Dublin based Photographer who has been shooting for fashion houses and publications in Ireland for over twelve years, we are delighted to be now representing Emily here at Distinct and excited to see what's ahead for her future projects, We caught up with Emily to get the lowdown on her favourite cameras and find out some of her most memorable moments to date!

Favourite Shoot:
This was an editorial for Xpose magazine based on James Joyce Ulysses which is my birthday June 16th. We shot this on a very beautiful day at Sandycove in Dublin where the story is set,  myself and the editor of the magazine Deanna put an idea together where we took quotes from the epic novel and based each shot around each quote, then we gave each quote to the stylist Grace Moore and she worked her magic.... great day shooting.


What Camera Do You Use:
I shoot with 2 cameras a Hasselblad, and a Canon. I used to use the Hasselblad more, but I just got a new 85m lens f1.2 lens and it is a beaut, I have fallen in love all over again. I just did some stills for a Christmas shoot for a clothing company and I needed the lights to be so soft in focus, I was calling ALL the crew to look at the shots I was very excited, but the lens is just wonderful.


Who Have Been Major Influences For Your Work:
Initially the main influences in my work were the people I assisted like Lorna Fitzsimons, Brendan Bourke, Conor Horgan, Simon Burch, Perry Ogden and Jackie Nickerson. I learned how to light, work with a crew, work with different personalities and shoot with film. Brendan in particular taught me how to pack my car, I swear that has made life easier. I worked in Australia with a photographer called Derek Henderson ,I found I kept on going back to his work for references, still many years later a massive fan, you should check him out. I also look at Richard Avedon's work and Eve Arnold, I look at the trust between these photographers and their models. Perry Ogden is one of the finest photographers, I really love his vision, he creates truly beautiful images.